It’s Time to Shift The Autism Paradigm

When I first learned that my son, Jack, had autism, I was devastated. Like most parents, I viewed autism as a terrible tragedy that had struck our family.

For years, I desperately tried to find ways to reverse his diagnosis, viewing it as a blight instead of seeing it for what it really is: an incredible opportunity. But I won’t leave you hanging here without specifics to address the very real challenges that often accompany the diagnosis.

(You can read more about my struggle to understand autism in my Huffington Post article, HERE).

This week’s tip is about shifting the only thing that we truly have power over: our mindset around autism. My kid has taught me so much and it’s been an incredible adventure.

When we recognize the opportunity for growth, love and honesty in autism, everything begins to shift. I hope to take years off of the process for you to find peace with autism, while at the same time giving you solid ways to approach your child that will heal mind, body and spirit for both of you!

I can’t wait to see where your journey takes you.

Love and Gratitude,

Dr. Andie

Tip of the Week: Understanding Odd Behaviors

Odd behaviors in autistic children are the number one thing that parents have trouble with. We work so hard to try and guide our kids to conform to societal norms (like sitting still and playing quietly), but autistic people live in a completely different world than we do and they will never conform.

When parents realize and accept that odd behaviors are actually a way for their child to communicate, everything becomes much easier. Odd behaviors are almost always a response to sensory stimulation, and incredibly, they can be a wonderful window into your child’s strengths.

This week, observe your kid’s odd behaviors in a new light and look for clues as to what he or she is attempting to communicate. To read more on this, click HERE.