Calm Yourself First

Have you ever noticed that when you feel stressed or angry your autistic child will reflect those emotions back to you tenfold?

Everybody believes that autistic kids have no empathy, but in fact, it’s the opposite. Think of it this way: when you walk into a room, you can feel the vibe. You can feel if there’s tension and you can feel if it’s friendly.

Well, autistic kids have a heightened sense of those emotions – instead of merely sensing the vibe of the room, they’re bombarded with the emotions of every person.

It’s a lot to take in, which is why when they become overwhelmed, they retreat to a quiet place. If they don’t have the option to retreat, they may act out.

It took me some time to understand what exactly was going on when this happened, but these days I’ve become much better at handling these kinds of situations. Read this week’s tip for tools you can use in these challenging situations.

Love and Gratitude,

Dr. Andie

Tip of the Week: Calm Yourself First

In the past when my autistic son, Jack, became overwhelmed with emotion my first instinct was to try and find a way to calm him down. Over the years, I have learned that actually, the best way to work through the situation is to calm myself first.

I learned the hard way that if things are tense in our house, Jack will reflect that tension. If things are harmonious, my son does much better. He’ll communicate more with us, he’ll want to be with us and he’ll show up.

If things are antagonistic, he’ll check out.

This week, notice when your child is checking out and let that be an indicator to you to notice your own emotional state. Are you calm and poised, or have you given in to feelings of panic and stress?

Calm yourself first and watch the magic that happens when you do.

Click here for an excellent, quick tapping technique called Emotional Freedom Technique. It will calm and center you so efficiently you will wonder why you didn’t learn this sooner!