A Life-Changing Discussion About Autism

It’s time to change the conversation about autism.

Let’s start with something that I believe is extremely important: autism understanding.  

To be clear, autism awareness is important – but there’s a difference between being aware of autism and striving to understand it. If you’re aware of autism and you walk into a restaurant where an autistic person is dining, you won’t be alarmed if that person begins to make loud sounds and demonstrate confusing behavior.

Autism understanding takes it to a deeper level: it means taking a close look at the autistic person’s world and endeavoring to understand what they are experiencing. Take a look at today’s tip to dive deeper.

Love and Gratitude,

Dr. Andie

P.S. Stay tuned: next week I’m going to explore the surprising reality that what you see on the outside of autism is not what you get on the inside.

Tip of the Week: Join the Behavior

Rather than classifying your child’s behavior as inappropriate or “wrong,” try being curious. Take a moment to try and understand why he or she is acting in a certain way.

The Son-Rise Program advocates for “behavior joining,” which means if your child is jumping around the living room and making strange sounds... join him! Give it a try! See how it makes you feel, then ask him, “What do you feel when you do that? What do you see?”

Every behavior is simply a method of communication. You might be very surprised at what you learn when you join the behavior and ask the right questions!