Autism’s Voice: From A Non-Verbal Young Man

Over the last few years, I have become pen pals with a 21-year-old autistic man named João. João lives in Portugal with his mother, he is non-verbal, "severely" autistic... and a brilliant writer. 

Here is what João wrote to me about his physical experience: 

“As you know, autism affects both the mind and the body. As far as the body is concerned, autism is very debilitating and painful. My body does not feel as numb as it used to but it is still very toxic and there are many urges within me to clean it up. My body needs a holistic approach to healing and I am focused on that.

“We should avoid eating non-organic food and increase our intake of fruits and vegetables. And as you know what we eat influences our healing and mood and most of the time our energy levels vary according to the food we eat. When my diet is not wholesome, my body suffers with bloating and with teeth grinding. When we fail to acknowledge the importance of food on physical and mental well-being we miss out on a lot.

 “We are highly sensitive and having to deal with a burdened body and burdened mind through exposure to toxic thought and toxic people increasing our pain.”

I love communicating with João because I love having insight into the experience of a person living with autism.

In fact, João has written a book about his life called God’s Little Boy. The book was published in Portuguese, and I am currently on a mission to get the entire work published in English! Check out the tip of the week for more information on how you can help, and get your hands on a synopsis from his book.

Love and Gratitude,

Dr. Andie

Tip of the Week: Read João’s Book Synopsis

It’s important to me to share João’s story with the world so we can better understand what it is like to live in an autistic body. Will you help me? I invite you to download a synopsis of João’s book by clicking HERE.

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