Autism is completely misunderstood and it is defining your child's future

Our modern world has made wonderful strides in building autism awareness, but most people still completely misunderstand how intelligent and aware autistic people are. If the child is non-verbal or minimally verbal, most people assume that there’s not much going on inside, when in fact, autistic people have proven themselves to be highly perceptive and sensitive.

Imagine how this misunderstanding would affect the day-to-day of your child’s life. It will shape how the child is treated, educated and what he or she is challenged with or not challenged with.

Autistic kids are sensitive in every form of the word. They are sensitive to emotions, physical injury and toxicity. Pesticides, GMOs, chemicals, hormones and heavy metals may not affect a non-autistic body as severely. But autistic kids are so sensitive that their bodies hold on to those toxins; they’re physically sick because they are unable to flush toxins through their systems.

The more you understand what life is like for your autistic child, the better you will be able to communicate with him or her and the better you’ll be able to walk your path together. Please, keep reading, keep learning, keep reaching out, and keep being curious about your child. There is much to learn.

Love and Gratitude,

Andrea Libutti, MD