Allow Yourself to Look Inside

When I look at autism and the way it is handled in our 21st century world, I believe that most aspects are misunderstood. People still see autism as a tragedy that brings with it suffering and pain.

My work as the mother of an autistic child and a doctor is to educate the world about what autism really is, what it means for us as a community, and the incredible potential that autism brings to light - for ourselves and our children.

I want to shift the autism paradigm away from the false set of beliefs that accompany the diagnosis and toward the beautiful honesty and love that go hand-in-hand with this life path. I promise you, while I know my ideas sound idealistic, I am also very much aware of the severe health challenges and other issues that cause extreme stress and worry for families. I hope you will allow me to bridge the gap between my optimistic idealism and the real challenges you face daily.

Will you join me on this journey? Take a look at the tip of the week below for more thoughts on this paradigm shift.

Love and Gratitude,

Dr. Andie

Tip of the Week: Allow Yourself to Look Inside

My autistic son, Jack, gives my husband and I instant feedback on a daily basis. What I mean by this is, no one in my household can get away with hiding emotions or stuffing them down – because Jack is so sensitive to emotional input that he responds to our most honest feelings!

If I’m sad, I can’t hide it. If my husband is angry, he can’t hide it. Jack will always respond to the true emotion, even if we think we’re doing a great job pretending we’re happy.

This is both a beautiful blessing and a challenge, but mostly I regard it as a blessing. Jack has forced my husband and I to do so much work on ourselves that we didn’t even know we needed.

So this week, take a few minutes each day to truly acknowledge how you feel. There is power and insight in acknowledging your emotions, and your child will thank you for taking responsibility for those feelings in a mature way. And if you are feeling brave, perhaps you will begin a journey of inner work that will free you from the conditioning and programming that keep limiting beliefs alive and active in your life - even those that you are unaware of!

That is the first step toward shifting the autism paradigm. I hope you’ll join me!