Be Open, Be Curious

In all the years I've been working with my autistic son, Jack, I've always felt this gnawing unease when it came to "accepting what is". For many years, I didn't realize that accepting his differences was not about giving up on him nor did it mean I was somehow surrendering to something less for him.

On the contrary, what I have discovered is that in accepting his differences I have come to understand that he is wired differently. He perceives and interacts with the world in a very different way and his potential to offer humanity something new or different is a real possibility because of his differences.  

And as an aside, that does not mean he doesn’t have physical challenges with his health that should always be a top priority.  The focus should be on maximizing your child's potential from all angles!

As I have come to embrace and nurture the strengths in his differences, rather than attempting to change him or make him conform, possibilities open up and something better takes over.   

In Ram Das’ 1971 book Be Here Now, he teaches that when you give up the thing that you’re fighting so hard to get, you’ll receive everything you thought you wanted and then some. What a wonderful message for all of us.

Love and Gratitude,

Dr. Andie

Tip of the Week: Be Open, Be Curious

In the spirit of embracing what is, approach your autistic child with an open heart and mind. Be open and curious when you spend time with him or her. Try to figure out the difference in your child, and equate it to a strength, to matter how “weird” or “different” it may seem.