I’m Andrea Libutti, Hay House author, physician and mother to three beautiful boys.


My oldest has autism. I’m an idealist about making the world a better place for all.

And I’m passionate about… you and your child!

This is my heart space where I share my experiences and discoveries about autism and my own healing journey. Whether you are interested in learning how to heal the physical, or you are ready to embrace mind, body, and spirit, I’m honored that you are here.

Welcome to a most courageous party!


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How autism rearranged the snow globe of my life

It was February 12, 2005. I had just given birth to my second son only six weeks earlier.  The county psychologist that had been evaluating my 21-month-old son handed me a report. There in my living room, sitting on the floor, I read her analysis.

Severe autism.

And so it began. First, the gut-wrenching grief. I cried for three weeks straight. Then the intense research. The seeking, the incessant reading, the travel to conferences, doctors, healers, anyone or anything that could help me understand autism and how to help my son.

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Therapy after therapy after therapy...

I wanted the silver bullet. I wanted the one therapy that would cure my son. We did it all – biomedical, homeopathy, IV (intravenous) nutrition, HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) and many others. In retrospect, I think I had to try everything to discover that the most profound and effective healing came from two places:  my attitude and Mother Nature.

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Why I am here

To fast forward your journey to the place where real healing can begin. So you don’t have to suffer what I suffered. When something happens to a child, no matter what the illness or condition or hardship, it is often a parent that pioneers the way for other parents. I just happen to also be a doctor. But I’ll tell you this, it was the parent in me that facilitated my family’s healing, not my knowledge of medicine (though perhaps I could put all the pieces together faster because of my background).

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True Healing

Truth is profoundly simple. Healing can be distilled down to simplicity too. But simple does not mean easy. On the contrary, we are so conditioned to believe in the complexity of life, that we discard simple truths until the day we have exhausted the complexities. I’ve exhausted the complexities. All that remains are the simple truths and here they are:

1)     How I show up for my son, my beliefs and expectations, will define his future.

2)    Mother Earth provides everything we need to physically heal. Everything.


Welcome to a new beginning. Hang on tight and have faith, your journey will take you to places far greater than you ever believed was possible.