Understand the truth about this population:

They are brilliant.


There is something standing in their way of realizing this brilliance.


How I Can Help

I have created this site to help you help your child, but I have an ulterior motive of uplifting you too! Every week I post, through my newsletter and blog, tips and guidance to help with specific issues related to autism. I am also creating an ongoing video series that will provide solutions to your specific problems  - all for FREE. My book and my online workshops (coming Summer 2016) round out my absolute passion to support you in this remarkable healing journey.

Online Workshops

Learning how to help your child with autism can be a full-time endeavor. I know, I spent the better part of the past decade researching everything autism. The Autism Wellness Revolution Online Workshops are created to simplify the process for parents and professionals. You will walk away with answers and action steps to address the mind, body and spirit needs of your child, or the child you work with. Come and learn the truth about autism and how to unlock your child's brilliance.


I have compiled a list of favorite resources to tame the overwhelm in this healing journey. From favorite brands of supplements to favorite recipes for amazing healing juices and smoothies, all of my favorites are here! And I've even snuck in some of my favorite books and tidbits to help support you, cause my second secret passion next to everything autism, is reuniting you with your most amazing, brilliant self. Hey after all, that's what these kids really want from us.