What Causes Autism?

One of the most pressing questions parents have is “What causes autism?” 

The answer can be summed up in one word “pollution". This is the simple answer. Of course, there are many complexities in autism, but the layering of pollution in the brains and bodies of our children is the reason for all of the physical ailments common to autism. 

Our air, water, and food are polluted with chemicals and substances that get stored in our bodies and actually change the way our genes are expressed.  There are research studies that link autism to pesticides, mercury from coal-burning, contaminated water supplies, vaccines, and many other forms of pollution. 

There is good news in the simplicity of this viewpoint. Pollution can be undone. Our bodies, when given the right ingredients from Mother Nature, have the most powerful innate healing capabilities. When you unlayer the body's toxic burden, healing CAN occur, even in the most severe cases.

Stay tuned for healing modalities that are simple, but profoundly effective.


Andrea Libutti, MD