I have embraced a simple, yet powerful protocol for healing the physical ailments in autism, while advocating for the cultivation of every child's strengths.

I would be honored to support and guide you on this healing journey.


I received my medical degree from the University of Southern California and have spent the past 15 years as an emergency room physician. I also had a private practice for several years, treating children with autism, until my third child arrived and insisted I devote more time to him and my family. Though trained in the Western model, I am passionate about holistic health and believe Mother Nature provides everything our bodies need to heal.




One of my greatest joys was writing my book Awakened by Autism, then having one of my all-time favorite publishers, Hay House, accept my book as one of their own. 

I wrote the book to inspire parents to embrace autism from a brand new lens. It is an integrated look at the big picture - mind, body, spirit and how to begin healing all aspects of not only the child, but ourselves as well. 

"A beautiful awe inspiring book about one mother's journey through the mire of autism - a mother that happens to also be a doctor. I haven't finished this yet, not because I can't, because the writing is so deliciously good that I don't want the journey to end."     J. O'B



Mother (and unapologetic tree-hugger).

This is my most important role and perhaps what connects me to you on the deepest level. I know both how devastating, and how beautifully life-changing the diagnosis can be. I have walked the walk and would never recommend something that I have not tried out first hand with positive results.

The tree-hugger in me believes whole-heartedly that our beloved planet Earth can be healed in this process as well, another piece of the message these kids have for us. Part of my purpose for being here is to ensure that our children will inherit a world worth inheriting - where love and joy rule and everything they need is provided by Mother Nature.